• Jodi Lynn Hill

The Anointed Liberator

I was doing a study on the name: Jesus Christ. I found that the basic meaning of the name was anointed, liberator, or savior. You could put it like this…“One who is chosen and set apart (anointed/consecrated) to deliver/save/liberate those in captivity.”

  • Jesus = Savior, deliverer, liberator.

  • (denotes specific purpose)

  • Christ = anointed one

  • Messiah: Hebrew form = Meshiah

  • Christ: Greek form = Cristos

This would explain why many times in some translations you see Jesus referred to not as Jesus Christ but as Jesus the Christ, or Jesus the Messiah. Jesus is the Chosen One, anointed to save, deliver, and liberate (set free) those who are held in captivity by the enemy. Jesus is chosen, set apart, consecrated (sent for a specific purpose) to bring us out of bondage. Bondage to what? Sin and Satan.

The Liberator (Jesus) comes and flings open the prison doors. We have the choice to walk out into freedom or stay bound up in Satan’s dark dungeon. You have to choose freedom or bondage. Our salvation comes by the Anointed One. You might say, “I never had a choice in the matter. So-and-So hurt me, abused me, or whatever the case may be. They put me in this bondage. I’m the victim here. I’ll never be free. I don’t have a choice. I never had a choice.”

I’m saying that you have a choice right now. You have the power. The door is open. Can you see the light breaking through the darkness? Jesus, our Liberator, is standing here, waiting for you to walk through to freedom. Are you willing to take that first step? He’s holding out his hand to help you over the threshold. Now, it’s your choice. He’s given you the power to choose. Say Yes to freedom, and No to bondage or say No to freedom and continue to let Satan deceive you. No one else can make the choice for you. God will give you the strength to walk the journey home.

This prison isn’t your destiny…only a detour. It is nothing more than a roadblock. Satan wants to stop us from reaching our destination. God wants us to fulfill our destiny. Jesus is our Liberator; set apart and chosen by God himself to bring us out of bondage into a life of freedom, joy, and love in Him. Jesus brings us peace and fulfillment in spite of our circumstances. The road is hard at times... I won’t lie to you... and Satan puts up lots of roadblocks and detours to distract us from our God-appointed paths. Keep your focus! Heaven is our intended destination; spreading God's love and truth so that others can believe and follow him is our destiny. Each of us has a special way God created us to do that. Not all of us are the same.

Joyce Meyer, an anointed Bible teacher, said it this way in her book, Reduce Me to Love, “We need to discover what God wants us to do and just do it.” We need to realize our destiny and use the gifts God has equipped us with to fulfill it.

II Timothy 4:5, "But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at bringing others to Christ. Complete the ministry God has given you."

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